L&M’s puppy information

Here are some images of some recent litters. We take pride in our puppies, they are family here at L&M’s! We love them! After the puppy is born, they are weighed, cleaned up, and we put a colored collar on them, so we can manage weigh gain or loss. We keep them inside our home for the first week, after they have shown growth and development, we move them and mama to the “puppy palace” to a whelping box. The puppy palace is under surveillance, and it is heated or cooled. We ensure that the puppies are in a clean environment!  We take weekly weights and pictures for the new puppy owners. As the puppies mature to soft food and then hard food we move them into the fenced off area of the “palace” where they can play in cedar/pine shavings and have clean fresh water daily along with play time with mom, we have some puppy climbing toys to strengthen their muscles.

LOVE duck wings!

Puppies are socialized with us and our kids (ALOT), they are exposed to duck wings at 6 weeks, and water! De-worming happens at 3 weeks, 5 weeks and 7 weeks old, 1st round of puppy shots happens when puppies are 6 weeks. If you would like to own a puppy from L&M’s Waggoner Retriever, we offer lifetime breeder support, you get a puppy packet with food, information, UKC/AKC registration papers, microchip (AKC reunite), 26 month hip guarantee, 5 day overall health guarantee. We do screen our puppy owners to be sure they will have the quality of life that they deserve. We encourage anyone and everyone to be involved in UKC or AKC hunt or field test! Retrievers need a job, and retrieving ducks is ALWAYS fun! 🙂 We will send you the contract and information through the website or email!

We will be offering Training for returning pups at a discounted rate. See the training page for more information.

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Some amazing family’s have given great feedback and are very pleased with their puppy!